• Kerry & Betsy Mullen, Director, AMC Mexico

      Without question, one of the best decisions my wife and I made was to seek the counsel and advice of The Relocation Connection. Their care and concern for a safe and comfortable move has been extraordinary. It has been a true comfort for me to know that my family has had a resource as dedicated as The Relocation Connection to access. I, without reservation, recommend the services of The Relocation Connection.

  • Mark & Christie Phillips, MCI/Avantel

      We would especially like to commend and recommend The Relocation Connection for their help. They went above and beyond to make us comfortable in Guadalajara. They were so personable and patient with us The book "Guadalajara—A Profile" has been our complete source of information.

  • Mike and Maureen Pass, JDI Manufacturing de Mexico LLC

      From the moment we first spoke to our consultant, Janet, our experience has been nothing less than fantastic. Janet and her partners have developed a program unlike any I have every seen which handles all aspects of a relocation to Guadalajara including, but not limited to, home searches, domestic help interviews, welcome brunches, introductions to driving in Mexico and assistance with the Mexican bureaucracy. My wife has said, time and again, that she could not have ever been happy in Mexico if she had not had Janet to help her. I agree. We highly recommend this resource to all corporations that are in the process of or are considering relocating personnel to Mexico. Don't make a move without them!

  • Bret & Dana Peterson, SPM Dynacast

      With only one three-day trip and little effort on our part, we had a good home to rent in a good area, and highly recommended school for our boys. When we arrived, not only were our living needs met, but also we received help and friendship from many people who were acquainted with Elaine and The Relocation Connection. The new culture was made familiar and comfortable to us very quickly because of the information and help she offered. We were introduced to many people, places, and opportunities that have made our stay here very enjoyable. The transition, which could have been a great shock to our family, went smoothly due to the wealth of information they have compiled.

  • Joy Gulik, Expatriate Program Manager, Molex Incorporated

      I have been working with Mercy Dueñas in Guadalajara, Mexico. I have never moved anyone to Mexico, so some of the issues were new to me. She provided excellent advice, and I always felt like she had the best interests of Molex in mind. She followed through on all the commitments she made to me and to our expat and did so in a very timely manner. I work with many consultants in my job and find that I have to consistently follow up and check to be sure they are carrying out instructions correctly... I never had to do that with Mercy. I will certainly recommend Mercy to any of my colleagues with relocations to Guadalajara.

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